Will laser depilation damage the skin?

Laser depilation is a very popular method of depilation, but many women are worried that laser depilation will affect the health of the skin. Does laser depilation affect the skin?

Is laser hair removal harmful to the skin?

The traditional hair removal method takes a long time, and the hair will grow again. Therefore, many beauties are interested in laser hair removal, but they are afraid that laser hair removal will have an impact on the skin. What is the truth?

Answer: laser hair removal does no harm to the skin itself

The skin of human body is a relatively transparent structure. The clinical experiment of plastic and cosmetic experts found that in front of powerful laser, the skin is simply a piece of transparent cellophane, so the laser can pass through the skin very smoothly and reach the hair follicle. Because there is a lot of melanin in the hair follicle, it can preferentially absorb a large amount of laser energy and finally convert it into heat energy, so as to increase the temperature of hair follicle and destroy the function of hair follicle. In this process, because the skin does not absorb laser energy, or absorbs a small amount of laser energy, the skin itself will not be damaged.