Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Will it rebound after laser freckle removal in autumn?

Laser freckle removal uses selective photothermal effect, which allows photons of specific wavelength to pass through the epidermis and directly act on the diseased tissue to produce thermal effect. There is no rebound problem.

There are many kinds of laser to remove liver spots. The commonly used ones are: strong light, ktp532 laser, Q-switch pigment laser, image beam laser, etc. Each kind of light beam is suitable for different skin types, and patients’ friends should choose carefully. In addition, in order to ensure that there will be no rebound after laser freckle removal, postoperative care is also very important.

Whether the postoperative nursing of laser freckle removal is correct is the key to effectively avoid rebound after laser freckle removal. At the end of the treatment, pay attention to the diet. After laser freckle removal, you can’t eat food with high pigment content to prevent pigment from settling locally. In addition, you should avoid eating spicy and irritating food, protect the cleanness of the treatment area, avoid infection, and pay attention to sunscreen.