Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Who is HIFU ultrasonic knife suitable for?

  1. Suitable for people aged 40 ~ 50

People aged 40 ~ 50 before and after menopause gradually lose acme tea in their bodies, resulting in further weakening of skin resistance, slowing down of cell metabolism, too late to metabolize old pigments, UV, makeup residues, excessive pulling during maintenance, etc. will stimulate the skin, causing pigmentation or muscle relaxation.

Different degrees of pigmentation and skin relaxation can be basically solved by HIFU ultrasonic knife.

  1. It is also suitable for people aged 30 ~ 40

When women reach the age of 30 ~ 40, their skin has been damaged by many external factors. Many urban women even have skin sensitivity due to improper care. Such skin is relatively fragile. If they do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to cause uneven skin color.

Many people have a misunderstanding about ultrasonic scalpel, thinking that only people in their 40s and 50s are suitable for it. In fact, it’s not surprising that a girl in her 20s makes an ultrasonic knife.

  1. Ultrasonic knife is suitable for people aged 20 ~ 30

When people are 20 ~ 30 years old, the metabolic function in the body will begin to slow down, leading to endocrine disorders.

People with oily skin show strong facial oil secretion, while people with dry skin show dull skin and long spots.

In addition, when the sebum secretion is large, the pores will inevitably increase to discharge sebum, and excessive cleaning destroys the oil-water balance of the skin, which will only make the skin coarser.

HIFU ultrasonic scalpel can improve dull skin to some extent, so young skin with more oil and young people aged 20-30 with dull skin color can be used as ultrasonic scalpel.

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