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Where is laser freckle good? First, change wrong ideas

Laser freckle should be the most popular freckle removal method now, so what are the wrong ideas about laser freckle removal?

Laser freckle removal has also achieved good results, especially the combined application of color light ultra pulse skin repair and microcrystalline grinding technology, which can accurately vaporize color spots in an instant, minimize tissue thermal damage and avoid bleeding during operation. Combined with computer graphics generator for scanning and grinding, the operation is more accurate and the postoperative recovery is fast. The contractile effect on blood vessels can reduce vascular proliferation, so as to reduce the nutritional supply to scars, inhibit scar proliferation and prevent recurrence. In addition, its thermal effect on the dermis can also cause the contraction, regeneration and remodeling of dermal collagen. Therefore, the treatment of concave scars by grinding can make the skin more flat and smooth.

Where is laser freckle good? Ordinary people often have wrong ideas about laser freckle removal:

First see whether others are effective, and then decide whether to do it or not. In fact, if others are effective, you may not be effective. On the contrary, if others are not effective, you may not be ineffective, because everyone has different black spots, different physique, and of course, different results. A group of patients often come to the clinic and force a representative to accept treatment. If the effect of laser freckle removal is satisfactory, other talents rush to do it.

Due to the different concentration and depth of various spots, laser freckle removal can not be successful at one time. Relatively shallow, such as freckles, senile plaques and sunburn, can be solved at most twice at a time. The deepest mother spot of Ota or zygomatic mother spot requires three to six courses of treatment. Tattoos also need about three to five times depending on the depth. Eyebrow tattoos are relatively shallow, no more than two times. Moles vary even more, from the least once to five times.

Since it takes time to remove the damaged pigment, the interval between each treatment should be at least six to eight weeks. It is worth noting that a small number of about 20% of patients will rebound and turn black 2-3 weeks after the scab falls off. At this time, there is no need to worry too much. It will gradually fade after two to three months, but it is also the most difficult period for patients. The deep pigment is scattered by the laser and then slowly absorbed by the lymphoid tissue of the skin. It usually takes at least 1-2 months. If the pigment remains, it needs several more laser freckle removal treatments.

Where is laser freckle good? There are many factors affecting the cost of laser freckle removal. The most common ones are the size of freckle, the depth of freckle, the scale of hospital, doctor technology and so on.