What’s the difference between plastic and hot Maggie? What’s the difference between ultrasonic knife and hot Maggie?

Remaji uses the grid positioning technology at the treatment site before treatment, high-energy and high-frequency E-wave conduction. The thermomaggie probe can send out matrix molecular energy waves that vibrate up to 6 million times per second, directly to the root of wrinkles and tissue relaxation, freeze stimulate and increase the skin’s own collagen, heat the skin through the heat energy generated by the electromagnetic wave, reorganize and regenerate the collagen, and achieve the effect of lifting and tightening. Hot Maggie is completely non-invasive and has no recovery period. After finishing, her face looks very tight and her lines are obvious.

The main problem to be solved: the facial skin is loose and sagging, but there are no obvious wrinkles.

Maintenance time: after the first hot Maggie, the skin state will achieve the effect within three to six months. Although the publicity claims that the effect can be maintained for two years, in practical application, it may still need to be carried out once a year to maintain the state.

Experience & Precautions: before hot Maggie, you need to apply epidermal anesthetic. It doesn’t hurt when doing it. The skin feels hot. Fortunately, it’s not hot and a little comfortable. After finishing, the skin feels tight immediately, which is a temporary reaction after collagen is heated. Enough collagen can be produced one week after operation. Don’t make a face or go to a sauna for two or three days after hot Maggie, so that your skin can recover well.

There are many projects in the medical and beauty industry. Such as remaji, gerati, line carving, etc. These are more popular projects at present. But for many doctors, what’s the difference between hot Maggie and hot lati? Let’s have a look.

Firstly, hot Maggie is mainly transmitted to the skin cortex through high-energy high-frequency radio waves to stimulate collagen regeneration, tighten and lift the skin, so as to tighten the skin and skin. The hot lift focused RF can effectively lift the SMAS fascia layer reached by skin pulling in previous operations. The three-dimensional problem of “lifting + firming + fat dissolving” can be obtained in a single treatment. At the same time, experienced doctors can treat patients’ skin status according to different conditions.

Two or more layers: Hot Maggie’s high thermal wave energy acts on the skin’s cortex and superficial skin. The snorkeling skills of gerati are harder, which can not only act on the cortex acted by thermomaggie, but also reach the fat layer more deeply with the skill of focusing ultrasound, taking into account the skin, SMAS and fat.

Different emphasis: Although thermomaggie only acts on the cortex, thermolatti acts on three layers. Although the treatment level of thermomaggie is the upper layer of the skin, it focuses on tightening, while thermolatti focuses on lifting in the cortex, so thermomaggi and thermolatti have their own characteristics.

The above is the difference between the two effects. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital and professional doctors for face-to-face diagnosis, and then choose a suitable method, so as to harvest a good treatment result under the condition of safety.

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