What spots can laser mainly remove

Introduction: freckle removal, such as freckle removal later? Laser is a way to remove spots, so what spots can laser remove? Now let’s learn about the spots that can be removed by laser?

Plastic experts: laser can produce high-energy, focused and accurate monochromatic light, which has certain penetration, and can produce high heat locally when acting on human tissue. Laser freckle beauty uses this feature to remove or destroy the target tissue to achieve the purpose of treatment. A variety of advanced laser instruments at home and abroad can effectively penetrate the skin surface, make the pigment particles expand, rupture and form tiny fragments in an instant, and remove them from the body by phagocytes, so as to effectively remove freckles and birthmarks.

Indications: six types of spots:

Laser speckle removal I. freckles:

From the tip of the needle to the grain of rice, there are small brown spots scattered on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. They are usually found in childhood and always exist.

Laser speckle removal II. Nevus:

Most of them gradually appear after puberty, several to dozens, from the tip of the needle to the grain of rice, large brown or black flat spots or raised papules, mainly distributed on the face and neck.

Laser speckle removal III. zygomatic nevus:

After puberty, clusters of spots from gray blue needles to the size of rice grains gradually appear on both cheekbones or below the lateral sides of both eyes, and a few patients have familial inheritance.

Laser speckle removal IV. liver spot:

The brown spots that gradually increase after the age of 25 mostly appear symmetrically on both cheeks. The color is similar to that of cooked pig liver. Therefore, they are called liver spots and have nothing to do with liver disease.

Laser spot removal v. sunburn:

Oval protrusions or smooth, dark brown plaques are easy to appear on the outside of the forearm, the back of the hand, the front of the lower leg and the face, about the size of rice grains to pentagons, and begin to appear in middle age.

Laser spot removal VI. light coffee spots:

There are irregular light brown patches at birth.

Warm reminder: appearance is a person’s “image card”. In order to avoid risks and regrets, we must choose formal plastic surgery medical institutions!