what is HIFU ultrasonic knife

It is an ultrasonic medical and aesthetic instrument. Focusing ultrasonic technology enables high-energy ultrasonic waves to focus on the skin at the treatment position and treat without damaging any tissue. Accurate ultrasonic energy is input at 3.0mm or 4.5mm under the skin. Combined with friction, the skin tissue has a high thermal effect and condenses heat energy into a micro “hot spot”.

These “hot spots” will stimulate the body’s self-renewal mechanism. At the same time, acme tea can inhibit the enzymes that decompose collagen, regulate the synthesis of collagen fibers, and make collagen more stable through hydroxylation, so that collagen supports skin and elastin, reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

Many people want to make HIFU ultrasound knife, but they always have such problems, such as age! 42 years old, is this age suitable for doing? How old is ultrasound suitable for? Can the effect be good at 58? Is it too early to do it at 25? How old is the effect of HIFU ultrasonic knife good

The international National Institute of aging published the theory of medical beauty and cell on the medical beauty of slowing down aging in 2011. Although the aging of human body is irreversible. However, acme tea cell technology brings unlimited possibilities for each injury and regeneration.

Therefore, whether it is medical beauty injury or natural aging. Positive response and sufficient energy can make every cell look new. Any failure of cell metabolism will bury a series of hidden dangers for our body, such as sequencing, structure, disorder and disease. Therefore, the fate of cells is closely related to the fate of human body.

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