What is an ultrasonic knife

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is to focus high-energy ultrasound to generate high temperature in the subcutaneous part, tighten the collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and stimulate the growth of collagen fibers and elastic fibers at the same time. Therefore, the main function of ultrasonic knife is to tighten the skin, remove small wrinkles, whiten and moisturize the skin. At present, there are many kinds of wrinkle removal ultrasonic knives, and the effect is particularly obvious.

Ultrasonic scalpel is a cosmetic method in the medical and aesthetic circles, which just originated in the United States. The laser instrument is used to emit laser to raise the temperature of the skin fascia layer to 60-65 ℃. This high temperature is used to contracture the loose tissue, and then make the surface skin compact. It is named ultrasonic knife because its effect is as magical as a scalpel pulling skin. The laser treatment“

The ultrasonic knife makes use of the energy characteristics of ultrasound to focus the ultrasound subcutaneously and generate the accumulation of ultrasonic energy at the focus point, so that the subcutaneous tissue can form a tissue damage and repair and tissue contraction under the action of this energy, so as to achieve an effect of tightening the loose skin and subcutaneous tissue, So as to achieve a younger beauty effect. So, why should we choose this treatment carefully? Because the FDA approval of ultrasonic scalpel in the United States only approves the treatment of skin relaxation and sagging in the mandibular area, but does not approve the application of ultrasonic scalpel in the face, which is completely not approved in our country. Therefore, many applications are beyond the scope and illegal. There are still some risks because it does not pass a comprehensive treatment. “

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