Precautions after professional HIFU machine

Don’t drink alcohol within a month. There will be some swelling in the first few days, which is a normal reaction. Generally, it will disappear naturally in 3 ~ 7 days.

No sauna, scraping, high-temperature yoga, sweating and strenuous exercise within a week.

Do not exfoliate or use the same skin cleaning and skin care category within a week.

Once a day in the morning and evening for three to six months. Thirteen grams of special tissue nourishes acme tea. Later, the dosage is acme tea once a day according to the skin rehabilitation. Ordinary collagen is not good. It does not contain repair factors and can not achieve the repair effect.

Don’t take some strenuous exercise.

The use of hydrating products is 1 ~ 2 times as usual. 8. Do not go to the beach for exposure and sunbathing within a month. Pay attention to sunscreen and isolation.


Because professional HIFU machine can stimulate the growth of human cells and tissues and the synthesis of subcutaneous collagen, collagen can not be used here to prevent internal and external combination, so that more people in the body gather together, resulting in large-area evil growth of glands, nerves, tissues and stratum corneum. At the same time, subcutaneous necrosis, spots Some adverse reactions, such as red swelling, cause bumps and pits, so we should pay attention.

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