Is the home HIFU machine that has been around for a long time effective?

However, the effect of home HIFU machine has an obvious effect on the relaxation of our skin and the improvement of wrinkles. However, because its high temperature of 65-75 degrees has to pass through the skin tissue to reach the subdermal fascia layer, it stimulates the contraction of the fascia layer to lift the loose and relaxed skin on the face, resulting in some small partners’ side effects such as dry skin, red swelling and depression after treatment. These factors are divided into the following three points:

  1. It’s a doctor’s technique

If the doctor does not set the parameters when operating the ultrasonic scalpel equipment and does not master the energy and quantity of the ultrasonic scalpel during treatment, it will damage the intricate blood tubes and nerves under our skin, which may lead to the possibility of face deviation after operation.

  1. It is the lack of acmet-a repair factor in our body

If the subcutaneous fine cell structure damaged by “ultrasonic” high temperature and the moisture retaining layer barrier damaged by high temperature cannot be repaired in time during the treatment and treatment of ultrasonic knife, the rare water in our skin will be lost, and the divided fibroblasts will not be able to get the required camp and nutrition in a short time to produce healthy collagen to prevent dry skin after ultrasonic knife Red swelling, collapse and other side – effects.

  1. It’s unnecessary to eat collagen

Why is it superfluous? Because home HIFU machine cosmetic surgery is the process of stimulating collagen regeneration, the simple service and use of collagen before and after surgery can not be absorbed by the human body, and the newborn collagen can not maintain balance, resulting in abnormal accumulation of collagen in the cortex, resulting in poor skin recovery after ultrasound knife and other problems, such as subcutaneous necrosis, plaque Red and swollen and other bad reactions.

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