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How much is ultrasonic knife beauty? Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife?

With the continuous growth of people’s skin and the gradual loss of water in the skin, it will become loose and sagging, and there will be problems such as wrinkles. Ultrasonic scalpel beauty can act on the deep skin, stimulate the production of collagen, effectively tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles, and have a good anti-aging effect. So, how much is ultrasound knife beauty?

ultrasound knife

  1. How much is ultrasonic knife beauty?

Ultrasonic knife beauty uses dot matrix or ultrasonic cluster conduction mode to form the high temperature of the focusing surface through RF electric field, stimulate the subcutaneous collagen fiber network to generate collagen, and lift the skin tissue attached to it, so as to achieve the purpose of improving beauty. Ultrasound knife beauty is divided into Korean version, American version and domestic version. The selected version is different, the consumption level in the region is different, the level of the hospital is different, the parts are different, and the cost will be different. At present, the effect of the beauty version is relatively stable and the cost is relatively expensive. Simple facial beauty is in the forefront. The cost of cities is about 30000 yuan. The cost of facial and neck beauty is about 38000-40000 yuan. The domestic version is very local, about 20000 yuan. The cost of second and third tier cities will be low. Collagen nutrition needs to be supplemented before ultrasonic knife beauty surgery, and repair treatment needs to be done after surgery. These costs are calculated separately, and the specific charging standard shall be subject to the local medical institutions.

  1. Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife?

In fact, the beauty harm of ultrasonic knife is generally not. If the instrument is not sterilized and cleaned before the operation, the dirt will enter the deep layer of the skin with the ultrasonic wave; If the ultrasonic knife is used for a long time, it will cause overwork on the skin; Moreover, if the ultrasonic knife head is overheated and the output is too large, it is not conducive to the direct penetration of water and drugs, which is easy to cause dry skin. And when using the instrument, the probe can not pass through the eyeball, and pregnant women with heart disease should not use it. Generally, the ultrasonic knife has several heads, which can reach several layers of subcutaneous tissue, and the deeper can reach 4.5mm. The effect can be reflected only when it reaches a certain depth. Whether there are side effects still lies in the use of surgical instruments. There are many ultrasonic knife instruments on the market, both good and bad. If bad instruments are used, they will inevitably lead to bad consequences. Therefore, it is very important to select a good hospital before surgery. Only by selecting a good hospital, the effect and safety of surgery can be guaranteed.

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