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How much is the ultrasonic knife for removing wrinkles?

The price of ultrasonic knife is generally 2-5. For a person who wants to use 200 yuan of cream to remove wrinkles, it is really too expensive. For a person who dares to take risks to try other fake and shoddy products for his face, it is really * * * products!

Is the effect of removing wrinkles with ultrasonic knife good?

After the ultrasonic scalpel operation, you can see about 20% – 30% of the effect. After 1 ~ 3 months, the effect will gradually appear.

Generally speaking, after an ultrasonic scalpel, the facial muscles will be slightly lifted, and the skin will become firm. After one month, the firming and lifting feeling will be enhanced. After three months, the facial muscles will be more significantly lifted and the skin quality will be improved, and the skin around the eyes will also feel lifted and expanded.

Does ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal have side effects?

Ultrasonic knife is safe and has no side effects! Because no surgery, no surgery, no trauma! Focused ultrasound can directly skip the epidermis without heating the skin and protect the epidermis from being affected by heat. The focused thermal coagulation node produces thermal effect from inside to outside, which is safer and more thorough. The skin beautifying effect of ultrasonic knife is gradual. After beautifying the skin, the effect can be achieved. After 3 months, it will reach a better state. You will find that the wrinkles are light, the skin is firm and pulled upward, the loose skin is firm, the contour is clear, and the skin feels delicate and elastic, just like ten years younger. This compact and young effect can last for 3-5 years.

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