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How much do you know about HIFU treatment?

HIFU is actually the abbreviation of high intensity focused ultrasound. It is a skin tightening technology without surgery. The principle is to use the instrument to send energy to 3mm collagen layer and 4.5mm fascia layer (SMAs) of subcutaneous tissue with high focused ultrasound technology, so as to stimulate the body’s self-renewal mechanism with heat energy, stimulate the proliferation of skin collagen and restore skin elasticity, Achieve the lifting effect, reproduce the compact three-dimensional contour and fade wrinkles; Because energy can reach the fat layer, it also has a certain anti fat effect, which can improve the “bag face”.

It is located in the subcutaneous fascia layer of about 4.5mm and directly connects bone and muscle. As you get older, the supporting force and toughness of the fascia layer decrease, and its function of pulling and lifting the lower half of the face skin also decreases, resulting in skin relaxation, double chin and other phenomena. Therefore, the energy must go deep into the 4.5mm fascia layer to make it heat shrink and tighten the connective tissue, so as to improve the skin firmness and reproduce the youthful face.

To ensure that the energy is in place, doctors can observe the state of deep skin through the real-time ultrasonic imaging technology of the instrument, so as to control the energy to accurately reach the specified depth (such as fascia layer) and position, and more accurately master the operation of the whole course of treatment to improve efficiency.

As people say, does it have to feel pain to be effective? In fact, the effect of the course of treatment has nothing to do with whether you feel pain or not. Because the pain response, the speed of metabolism and the amount and speed of collagen proliferation vary from person to person, resulting in different treatment effects, it is difficult to judge the effect only by personal subjective pain. If it is not handled properly in the course of treatment, there may be risks of burns, nerve damage, or even damage to eyes, so do not try it in the market.

As for how to choose a safe and effective treatment course, it is recommended to find a doctor who has passed professional training, and choose an internationally certified non-invasive treatment course, such as FDA certification, to ensure that the instrument meets the standard, has good stable performance and plays its due role.

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