How long does micro plastic cosmetic laser treat fresh erythema?

Laser treatment of fresh erythema has the characteristics of high accuracy and quick effect. It does not affect normal life and can be done at any time. However, removal of fresh erythema requires many times of treatment to achieve the effect of radical cure. The specific treatment times vary according to the area, severity, advanced equipment and other factors of fresh erythema. How long does the laser treat fresh erythema

For laser treatment of fresh erythema, generally speaking, scabs will form in about 3-5 days, and then scabs will fall out in 10-20 days, and then the scabs will be red. As time goes on, they will gradually get better. Some growth factors can be used to help prevent scarring. After 1 to 2 months, see the curative effect to see if a second laser treatment is needed.

Laser treatment of nevus flammeus is the use of laser to carry out high-density and high-energy output treatment on the surface and deep layer of the skin, so that the diseased tissue can be solidified and gasified instantly, so as to reduce the number of shots to the treatment area and speed up the recovery time, so as to improve the skin problems of nevus flammeus. However, it should be noted that although laser can be applied to the treatment of port wine stain, it can not be completely cured and it is difficult to completely remove it. Generally speaking, the darker the color of port wine stain, the easier it is to absorb the energy of laser, and the better the treatment effect; The lighter the color of port wine stain, the less easy it is to absorb the energy of laser, and the less ideal the treatment effect is.