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How long can the beauty effect last?

The effect and effect of a home HIFU machine treatment can generally last for about 2-3 years, but it is not absolute, because the renewal, aging and metabolism of the skin are natural physiological processes. With the passage of time and the growth of annual volume, the skin problems are bound to reappear.

Therefore, we should know that the individual’s congenital skin type, living environment, the difference of ultrasonic knife brand son and the lack of cell source nutrition of acmet-a all affect the maintenance time of ultrasonic knife effect fruit. This is an objective existence, but we can maintain it for 10 years if we have enough repair factors.

After some friends have done home HIFU machine, their skin will have side effects of skin collapse such as red swelling, dry, dull and dull dry pain. This is because generally, people who do ultrasonic scalpels are adults, while the skin moisture content of adults is 15%. In the process of treatment and treatment of home HIFU machine, the high temperature of 60 or 70 degrees not only volatilizes 10% of the moisture in the skin moisture retaining layer, It also leads to the loss of nutrients in each organizational layer.

Therefore, we need to send nourishment to the true cortex for storage in the way of acmet-a replenishment in advance. At the same time, we can activate the fine cells, repair the damaged moisture retaining layer, activate the self-made water function of the skin, create a “moisture retaining layer reservoir” for the skin, and thus reduce the side-effects of home HIFU machine.

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