How long can skin beauty laser remove coffee spots?

Laser treatment of coffee spots can effectively remove coffee spots. The wavelength of Q-switched laser is the absorption peak of melanin. The Q-switched technology is used to obtain great instantaneous power and very small pulse width, which acts on melanosomes in melanocytes, resulting in the fragmentation of melanocytes.

  1. Broken cells and melanosomes are engulfed by phagocytes, rotated by the lymphatic system, and finally discharged by the kidney. Because the wavelength of this laser is very pure, the normal tissues without melanin absorb very little, and the extremely short pulse width ensures that the surrounding normal tissues are not damaged.
  2. As for the permanent freckle removal effect, it may take many times for some friends to achieve the permanent freckle removal effect.
  3. Laser removing coffee spots is to use high-intensity laser to destroy the coffee spot pigment existing in the skin to achieve the purpose of removing coffee spots. This laser treatment is an effective and safe method for removing spots at present.