Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

How long can I do ultrasonic knife after thin face? Does it hurt to do ultrasonic knife after thin face?

After thin face, you can do ultrasonic knife in about 1 ~ 2 months. We can’t do ultrasonic knife treatment too early, because after the thin face, there will be many small needle eyes on the facial skin, and there will be slight swelling and pain. We need to do ultrasonic knife treatment after the medicine completely absorbs the facial contour to reach the ideal state.

The main component of slimming face is type A. under the action of, it can make the local masseter muscle reach the state of brush contraction, which can mainly act on the cortex of the skin. The main reason is that slimming is no longer working. Experienced doctors will choose the appropriate injection amount according to the hypertrophy of masseter muscle, usually 2 ~ 3, which can change the contour of the face, Achieve the effect of V-shaped face or melon seed face, so it will cause certain trauma to the skin cortex, and there will be slight swelling, which can be alleviated by cold compress.

When sleeping, raise your head and don’t lie on your side to avoid rubbing against the eye of the needle.

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