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Dot matrix laser, photon rejuvenation… Check the precautions of 4 laser medical projects!

Laser is also known as the “fastest knife”. It is relatively safe and fast, and the effect is immediate. The commonly used laser methods include photon rejuvenation, black or red removal laser and dot matrix laser, which can quickly have better skin. Although laser beauty is relatively safe, there are many small details to pay attention to.

What should we pay attention to after laser beauty?

  1. Lattice laser

Dot matrix laser is a minimally invasive treatment method. It uses the laser to evenly punch small holes invisible to the naked eye on the skin, and then produce a series of skin follow-up reactions, which can eliminate scars, remove color spots, and soften and tighten the skin at the same time. Dot matrix laser is especially suitable for photoaging skin, scars, stains and chloasma caused by burns or surgery, or trauma. There will be obvious burning sensation after treatment. In this case, ice compress can be used to reduce it; On the second day of dot matrix laser, skin swelling and exudation may occur. Do not touch water during this period, but apply anti-inflammatory ointment externally; Sunscreen work should be done within one month to avoid exposure to sunlight.

  1. Photon rejuvenation

Photon rejuvenation can quickly decompose facial pigment particles and dilate abnormal capillaries, so as to weaken color spots and flushing and alleviate the problem of dull and yellowish skin; Photon rejuvenation can also improve the overall quality of skin, acne scars, coarse pores and wrinkles; Photon rejuvenation can also stimulate collagen proliferation and make the skin more compact. Those with small wrinkles or age spots on the face, rough skin and large pores, dilated skin capillaries and acne marks, and dotted pigment spots on the face should be treated with photon rejuvenation. However, moisturizing and sunscreen should be done after treatment.

  1. De blackening laser

The action mechanism of de blackening laser is to crush melanin, so that the pigment mass expands and breaks rapidly, and phagocytes will phagocytize small fragments and excrete them out of the body. Freckles, nevus OTA and senile plaques, tattoos and mother pigment spots can all be removed by black laser. The skin will feel hot after laser treatment, and the discomfort will be alleviated by ice compress; Generally, the scab on the surface will slowly fall off in about 7 ~ 10 days, and avoid exposure to sunlight within three months.

  1. Red laser

Spider nevus, hypertrophic scars, keloids, telangiectasia, rosacea and hemangioma can all be treated with red laser therapy, which will hardly hurt the skin and leave scars after treatment. Sunscreen should be done well after red laser treatment to avoid water on the wound.


Laser cosmetology belongs to minimally invasive surgery, which is safe, effective and has little side effects. There is almost no pain in the treatment process. Temporary pigmentation and erythema may appear after laser surgery, and purpura may appear after laser treatment. Therefore, comprehensive nursing should be done after surgery, skin care products should be used correctly, and antibiotics should be taken to fight infection in some cases.