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Does the high temperature of professional HIFU machine really have side – effects after lifting the loose – relaxed skin on the face?

There are many factors to determine the side effects of Korean HIFU machine. It can’t be said that one aspect or one point can produce side effects. Facial lifting with ultrasonic knife is a physical beauty method. During the operation, the high temperature of 75 degrees will destroy the surface of the skin first, followed by dermis, subcutaneous tissue, fascia layer (superficial tendon fascia layer of SMS) and muscle flesh (when the ultrasonic knife is used correctly, it will not reach the muscle meat).

If the fascia is not repaired in time after the Korean HIFU machine, it will lose the ability to support the epidermis again, which will affect the cosmetic effect of Korean HIFU machine, and at the same time, in the “ultrasonic” Under the heat energy, dermal cells and epidermal cells will also suffer thermal damage. Therefore, the lack of acmet-a cell source camp nutrition to generate new cells after ultrasonic knife will lead to the failure of new cell generation.

If the doctor’s operation is improper, the subcutaneous tissue will be burned severely, and the subcutaneous tissue will be damaged and die, while the more severe will be the wilting shrinkage of the sebum layer and the depression of the skin. The who announced that after the skin is damaged, the integrity of the cells will be destroyed, the cell plasma membrane will be broken, and the contents will be released. The release of the contents will lead to the inflammatory reaction of the surrounding cells, For example, the phenomenon of red swelling, so it is some side – effects in the process of cell necrosis.

In 1972, it was found that in the process of cell necrosis, it can repair the cell, restore the damaged cell to the complete cell structure, and the cell to be renewed can carry out life-saving activities with vitality. Acmet-a is a skin problem after skin heat loss from inside to outside through the natural protection mechanism, so it is not only a way for the cell to obtain camp nutrient substance, but It is also an important means for the body to protect itself and resist – resist – invade – harm.

Before the end, we should remind you that no matter what kind of beauty projects you do, you should go to a regular hospital and find qualified doctors and students. Don’t blindly pursue beauty, ignore those irregular beauty places and make yourself regret.

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