Can laser, hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin be carried out together?

Can laser, hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin be carried out together? Many beauty lovers often ask, can laser beauty be done after a few days of injection beauty? Can we do it together? If so, what is the order?

  1. Can laser beauty be done after Shuiguang needle?

The main injection component of Shuiguang needle is small molecule hyaluronic acid, which is relatively sensitive to temperature. Therefore, try not to carry out laser beauty projects within one month, otherwise it will accelerate degradation and cause waste.

  1. Can we use water light needle after laser cosmetic surgery?

In addition to the treatment of scab, the water light injection can be continued after laser beauty treatment, so that the state of the skin will be doubled and more shiny after combined treatment.

  1. How long can thin face needle be injected into a laser?

Face slimming needle or wrinkle removing needle is essentially botulinum toxin injection (safety, fitness and balance). Botulinum toxin injection volume, level and dispersion range should be accurate to achieve good results. Therefore, after the injection of thin face needle and wrinkle removing needle, laser beauty cannot be performed immediately. Generally, laser beauty is required to be performed 2 weeks after the injection.

  1. Can botulinum toxin be injected after laser?

In general, cold compress after laser beauty (such as photon and RF) can be injected after stabilizing the skin temperature. However, some lasers may form scabs (such as dot matrix CO2 laser, plasma, pixel laser), and some lasers may bleed (such as Q-switch laser for the treatment of some color spots). These lasers are not suitable for injection after treatment. They can be injected after the scabs are removed.

  1. Can you do laser after injecting hyaluronic acid?

The level of hyaluronic acid injection mainly lies in the deep layer of dermis, subcutaneous layer or even deeper layer. Therefore, from this point of view, most laser beauty treatments (such as photorejuvenation and laser skin cleansing) have no effect on hyaluronic acid. However, due to the deep role of RF, ultrasound and dot matrix CO2 laser, try to avoid these treatments within 2 months of hyaluronic acid injection (specific analysis needs to be made by laser doctors), otherwise it will accelerate the metabolism of hyaluronic acid and waste.

  1. Can you inject hyaluronic acid after laser cosmetic surgery?

This is not suitable, but the laser beauty interval and hyaluronic acid stabilization time should be considered.

  1. Can Botox and hyaluronic acid be used at the same time?

It can be injected at the same time, but it should be injected with hyaluronic acid before botulinum toxin. It cannot be reversed, because massage is required after hyaluronic acid injection, and massage is prohibited after botulinum toxin injection.

Laser beauty basically can not be carried out at the same time as injection beauty, so you who love beauty should pay attention to that changing beauty is a long change, and you don’t care about such a little time. Safety is the most important.